Effects of 9/11

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Effects of 9/11By, Valon MelaTerrorist attacks happen everyday, but the worst attacks in the U.S. history was 9/11. This was a day of great loss and suffering. Much was lost on 9/11 besides people. There family’s were broken apart, the whole nation was scared, and eventually people couldn’t even walk through airports without being bothered and still today the security is stricter than ever. The nation will always remember that day, it was tragic, but it was also a wake up call that we had to enforce the law more and make sure our people are safe. People were very frightened of flying and taking trains for almost a year after the attack because they didn’t know if a suicide bomber would jump in and blow himself up. Now the nation has seen that it can over come anything.

The biggest and worst part of damage done on 9/11 was done mostly in that one day.

There were four commercial airliners high jacked from three airports Logan International, Dulles International and Newark Airport (Wikipedia.com). According to Wikipedia.com the terrorists high jacked the planes by using box cutters and chemical sprays. They kept the people under there command by threatening them with body bombs they had on witch were probably fake. All four plains crashed, one in each tower of the world trade center, one in the pentagon, and the last one crashed out in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. From what investigators heard on the plains black box they figured that the plain crashed because the passengers tried to take back over the plain. They tried this because some of the passengers had snuck and used phones and found out that the other high jacked plains were crashed. One of the terrorists told the others that if the passengers try...