The Effects of AIDS in Africa

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The Effects of the Aids Crisis in Africa

Throughout time there have been many things that have hurt the human race severely, natural disasters, cancer, famine, and many other dreadful problems. However, what is continually harming many countries is the deadly disease of HIV/Aids. This disease has spread throughout the world, and every country has its cases, but this one disease has plagued Africa. Millions are dying; thousands are orphaned in Africa because of this disease. In order to prevent similar Aids crisis's from occurring in other countries, and to slow down the crisis in Africa, more money and time should be spent to help stop the Aids crisis in Africa by other countries because of the continuing of deaths and severe illnesses because of this disease.

There are many theories on the start of the Aids crisis, many accredited Scientist believe different things. The most proven theory is the idea that the HIV disease came from chimpanzees.

HIV is part of a family or group of viruses called lentiviruses (Kanabus 1). Lentiviruses other than HIV have been found in a wide range of primates. These other lentiviruses are known collectively as simian viruses "In February 1999 it was announced that a group of researchers from the University of Alabama had studied frozen tissue from a chimpanzee and found that the simian virus it carried was almost identical to HIV-1. The chimpanzee came from a sub-group of chimpanzees known as Pan troglodytes troglodytes, which were once common in west-central Africa (Kanabus 1)." How humans contracted the disease from these chimpanzees is also a very controversial topic. It has been known for a long time that certain viruses can pass from animals to humans, and this process is referred to as zoonosis. Some believe that HIV could have crossed over from...