The Effects Of Alcohol On Sexual Activity

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The effects of alcohol with relation to sexual activity When considering the situation that occurred at the University of New Hampshire, you must realize that similar incidents of the same nature happen all the time. College students consist of relatively innocent young men and women, whose main interests are usually their social interaction with each other. Drinking alcohol is a favorite pastime at colleges, because it enhances the social atmosphere. With the way alcohol alters the decision making process, none of the students involved in the New Hampshire incident can be held directly responsible.

The night started in Sara's room, where Sara and her friends had already started drinking. Sara had two rum and cokes, followed by a straight shot. Sara and her friends then headed off too a frat party. Through out the length of the party Sara had at least several beers, becoming visibly intoxicated. At some point after twelve thirty, Sara left the party and headed towards her dormitory.

Alcohol is a depressant drug because it depresses various functions of the brain. In small amounts, alcohol causes a suppression of ones inhibitions. It also lessens anxiety, while impairing abstract thinking. Moderate doses can cause drowsiness, slowed reflexes and in coordination. When consumed in large amounts it slows the breathing rate, decreases vital brain functions, induces sedation and in extreme cases causing death. The highest blood alcohol level for a person occurs 60 to 90 minutes after ingestion, when the stomach is empty.

Close to the same time Sara was leaving the party, three males: Jon, Chris and Gordon, were returning from the bar too their dorm rooms. All three were legally intoxicated. When they reached their dorm Jon and Gordon decided to cut through one of the girl's wings, while Chris headed off towards a higher...