The effects of the bombing on nagasaki

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At 11:02 A.M. on August 9th 1945 Tragedy Struck the City of Nagasaki, Furthermore the country of Japan. The U.S had dropped and atomic bomb on Nagasaki. There were many terrible effects. Here are some.

The clock Struck 11 and no one in the city of Nagasaki knew that in just 2 minutes there was going to be a bomb hitting there village. But if I were there I wouldn't have wanted to know either.

It was one on the worst tragedies in Japanese history When the U.S. Atomic bomb "fat man" was dropped by a parachute at 11:02 A.M. on august 9th 1945 by a B29 bomber from the pacific island tininian. It was just under 3.5m in length and weighed nearly 9,000 Lbs. The original target of the plane was the city of Kitakyushu, but it was covered with heavy clouds, so the ship was diverted to its second target, which was Nagasaki.

The effects of this bombing were terrible, about 270,000 people were present when the bomb hit the city. 350 were POWs. About 73,884 were killed and 74,909 injured. These are very high numbers for that time.

Several thousand more deaths were caused by the radiation from the ill stricken mushroom cloud Radiation related diseases plagued families for generations. Even children who didn't exist during the bombing were affected with cancers such as leukemia. Proof of the damage from radiation can be found in the death tolls for 1950: 340,000 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Once defeated by this deadly bomb, Japan lost its emperor and traditional warrior values. Not only did grief exist, but the atomic bomb also laid guilt on the citizens of the United States for the destruction of so many lives Much more was destroyed by the raging fires, lasting several...