Effects of Child Abuse

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Child abuse has been an increasingly serious problem in our world today. From the traditional abuse of beating a helpless child, to the not so obvious problems of psychological abuse, children are losing their sense of self worth and many pass on the abuse they themselves received. One solution for this increasing problem of child abuse is to significantly reduce it today. Since the institution of Child Labor laws, many changes have been made to help solve this problem. Unfortunately, some of these policies are either too out of date or just not working. New policies and legislation must be put into place to help protect children from child abuse.

Much of the current legislation concerning the stopping of child abuse is outdated. Child and family service agencies of today have methods in use that they were using 20 years ago and many people have found ways around having child services take away their children and moving them in with more loving families.

These agencies don't even have updated technology. Tina Kelly and Leslie Kaufman of the New York Times recently wrote an article concerning New Jersey's new plan to reduce child abuse due to a recent tragedy involving a child being beaten and starved to death in his home. In it, they write "social workers have caseloads numbering far above recommended levels, and the computer system is 25 years old" (Kelly; Leslie 5). These systems should be updated to allow a more organized method of keeping track of possible abusers and to help save these children. Much of the child abuse policies in effect today are old and need to be updated to help save our children.

It is the duty as a police officer to serve and protect the people, so they should also take a stronger role...