The Effects on Children of Divorce

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Age can play a major role when a child is dealing with divorce. From the age of two to six children feel a sense of abandonment (Richardson and Rosen 2). They often feel that it is their fault for a parent leaving (Richardson and Rosen 2). Another thing they found was they often are in denial of a parent leaving or fantasize about the return of a parent (Richardson and Rosen 2). In one study on six to eight year olds they found that they suffer severe sadness and a feeling of loss and anger (Richardson and Rosen). In nine and ten year olds they found their way of coping with divorce was through anger or a sense of rejection and loss (Richardson and Rosen 2).

A major effect that divorce has on children is their performance in school. In a study done by Cleminshaw, Perry, and Mcloughlin they found that children disrupted the classrooms, were absent more, had a lower IQ score, and were at a higher risk for repeating a grade compared to children who came from intact families(qtd.

in Richardson and Rosen 1). Children of divorce have much higher high school drop out rates opposed to children who come from intact families (Feulner 1). They also are sixty percent less likely to attend a secondary schooling (Feulner 1.) When a divorce happens in a family the child is frequently abandoned so the parent is able to cope. This leaves the child without any emotional or physical support at a traumatic time. This can lead to behavioral problems outside the house and into school where the child feels he can get the attention he is lacking at home. However, not all communities have positive outreaches for children who are a result of...