Effects of climate change

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1.0 IntroductionDrastic temperature drops, prolonged droughts or devastating floods in unusual parts of the world as well as unprecedented heat records are unmistakable symptoms of a global climatic mutation. The cohort of ecologists, environmental scientists, meteorologists and other experts who are closely following the changing climate phenomena have so far reached the preoccupying conclusion that the global temperature rose by 0.74 C during the last century - the largest and fastest warming trend in the history of the Earth. According to these same scientists, the Blue Planet could warm by an alarming 3 C during the 21st century.(Headquarters 2007) It is scientifically a certitude that the substantial share of blame for the prevailing climatic changes goes to man and his activities which emits greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse effect, global warming, imminent rise in sea level are no longer remote and 'exaggerated' threats which they sounded to be a couple of decades back.

What is depicted by 'The Day After Tomorrow' is much closer to reality than fiction because humanity is already experiencing the retaliation of Mother Nature. The impact of climatic mutations and global warming is being profoundly felt in multifarious ways.

It would obviously be sheer short-sightedness to confine the issue of climate change within ecological or geographical parameters exclusively. The effects of the climatic disruptions occurring presently will not spare any major sphere of human activities. The economic impact will inevitably be astounding and tragic if we still continue to hold fruitless international debates and conferences which are not followed by concrete steps for sustainable environmental management.

It is therefore high time for every economic activities and organisation to ponder over a new configuration of their services so that environmental concern becomes part of their strengths.

2.0 Causes of climate changeSince there can be no effect without a cause,