Effects of Daycare

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An article published in 2003 by CBS, gives results from two new studies, while presenting the counter argument by Robin Goodman, a Clinical Associate Professor at NYU School of Medicine. The first study, presented by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, stated that children become more stressed, aggressive, and disobedient the longer they spend in child care. As well, children cared for in a facility rather than at home, were three times more likely to have behavioral problems. Unlike Ambert and Geoffory, this study stated that the quality of childcare had no effect on child’s behavioral or cognitive development. However, it did state that any negative effects from daycare may be rectified by proper mothering and a good socioeconomic background. Goodman counters the study by stating the findings only show a small amount of children experience stress in daycare, and that any behavioral problems were in normal limits.

The second study found that children under three showed a higher stress level while in daycare as compared to at home. Goodman, however, believes that daycare may not be the cause of this stress, as shy children often struggle in social situations and children may have problems in daycare due to other behavioral abnormalities. He also states that there are other factors, not only the child’s behavior or childcare, which positively and negatively affect the child.

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