The effects of divorces for children and parents, should parents stay terrible because they have children?

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Divorce versus staying together. There is a good article in the Santrock

website to look at "Should you stay together for the kids." Please support your

side of the debate. Should parents divorce or stay together. How do children of

divorced parents who remarry to with blended families from one, two, three

divorces impact a child's development.

It is my opinion that parents should not stay together for the kids. My

reasoning for this is I feel that you are doing the kids more harm by showing

them an unhappy unloving relationship than if the parents were separated. It is

possible for the child to have a great relationship with each parent separately

just as good as if they were a family. It would do a child more harm to see

constant fighting or even if there was no fighting they should be witnessing a

loving relationship between their parents.

One that shows them what to look for

in a mate and how to love another person. My parents got divorced when I was

16. I had been asking them to get divorced since I was 8. I knew that they were

both great people and I loved them both, but I knew that they were not good

together. They brought out the worst in each other, they were not living happy

lives. This was harder for me to watch then since I was 16. The divorce was

difficult and still is in the way that my family was no longer one family.

Holidays were and are difficult. However, now at 24 we just had our first

family gathering where all of my family was present. My sister and I decided

that we should not have to suffer the split family events because of our

parents divorce. We...