the effects of divorse on children

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Divorce is effecting many marriages today, and many of these marriages involve children. Divorce ends the marriage, and consequently effects the children. I will depict the different stages of childhood and show how each stage is effected differently by divorce, as well as show how each stage can be dealt with in a different way. In this paper, I would like to discuss how children are effected emotionally before the divorce, throughout the divorce, and after the divorce.

Many people have the expectation that marriage will be happy. Marriage is supposed to be happy, and life together with someone that one loves and receives love from, is supposed to be good. Each spouse is supposed to take care of the other spouse's needs whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually, and/or financially. However, this is not always the case; many people do not live up to the expectations of how marriage is supposed to be.

A marriage can lead to unhappiness for many reasons. Sometimes the husband and wife cannot get along anymore, or sometimes a lack of finances gets in the way; sometimes the relationship is not the same, sometimes circumstances get in the way, and sometimes the two parties get bored of one another. There are many silly reasons for divorce, yet there are many serious ones as well.

Many people become selfish and care only about their own needs, forgetting about the needs of their spouse. Forgetting about the spouse's needs is what leads to divorce. Spouses feel many things such as neglect or the lack of their needs being met and this all leads to unhappiness. Whatever the case may be, an unhappy marriage leads to a divorce.

Divorce can put an end to an unhappy marriage; however, divorce has an impact on all the parties...