The Effects of Drug Abuse

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There are many different reasons why people in today's society fall into the trap of drug use. Some may turn to drugs for the comfort in a lonely time in their life. Others may try drug because the people around them use drugs and the peer pressure gets to them. I think this is the case for most of my peers in college who haven't done drugs before. They are forced into a new environment, that is college, and now they use drugs because there new friends do them. Some people get addicted to drugs on accident, for instance a football may be in a situation where they are in a lot of pain from strain from the physical sport that they participate in and they may start taking pain killers and simply get addicted like that. Some athletes may start to use steroids to get an extra edge on their opponent.

No matter what the drug or what the reason for taking them the effects could become very devastating. They can range from problems with family, failed relationships, physical changes, and as well as financial problems.

Drugs can tear a family apart because a person who is addicted to drugs feels like they need the drug. My father was involved in drugs and as a result of that I rarely saw or spoke to him when I was younger. He was either in jail or he was out in the streets somewhere possibly doing drugs. Drugs ruined his life; this man has a college degree with nothing to show for it, all because of drugs. He was married with two children and his life was headed in the right direction but he picked up a drug habit in college and he continued after he was done, witch caused major...