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When we think of drugs, we think of horrible effects that come as a result of taking drugs. In the research that I have done from several book sources and internet sources, I have found numerous physical and psychological effects that drugs have on people. There are a few different kinds of drugs: Stimulants (Caffeine, Nicotine, Steroids, Cocaine and Crack, and Ecstasy), Depressants (Alcohol, and Heroin), and Hallucinogens ( LSD, Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms). Solomon H. Snyder states that "Stimulants are drugs that have an altering effects. They improve the mood and quicken the intellect, and can therefore be valuable means of increasing mental performance and conceivably of relieving depression" (121). Depressants have an opposite effect; They decrease the activity of the person’s Central Nervous System. Hallucinogens are drugs which alter perceptions of reality, the drug user experiences hallucinations. The effects of these drugs are different because their potency varies.

Some drugs are more powerful than others. Most of the drugs that I mentioned above are illegal drugs; I am going to go into more detail about only two of them: Cocaine and LSD.

Cocaine is also known as coke and snow. Cocaine comes from a plant called coca shrub. According to Solomon H. Snyder "Cocaine is the most expensive illicit substance on the drug market today" (122). It is a white powder and it can be snorted from the nose or it can be injected. Cocaine has another form: Crack. Crack is darker in color and it is usually smoked. Cocaine is a Class A drug. It is very powerful and highly addictive. Levert, Suzanne writes about an addict, Paul , a 20-year old drug addict says about cocaine "I’d used a lot of drugs before that, but nothing prepared me for what happened to me. One hit...