The Effects The Fast Food Industru Has had on Are society.

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In the book, "Fast Food Nation" Eric Schlosser, gives abundance

on information about the Dark- side of an all American Meal. Scholsser

views the fast food industry from a Functionalist perspective and in

some points and conflict perspective also. I chose both because the

functionalist had a lot to do with the way these Corporations should

operate. The employee's don't feel like there being treated equal.

Schlosser gives details on how The Fast Food industry embodies the best

and the worst of American capitalist of the 21st century. I will analyze

this discussion from a conflict perspective. His view points are similar

as sociologists Marx and Weber. I happen to agree with him totally on

his point of views. I will be discussing Stratification in the work

environment. How Fast Food has changed is nation Health to high risk


There were tremendous number issues to deal with the social

inequality based on Ethnicity in this book.

McDonald's being the number

one franchising business has a problem with giving there employers

reasonable wages. The income that there employees receive is very low.

These are the lower class working people who can barely make ends meet.

These jobs were basically designed for Teenagers who still live at home

with parents, low skilled workers. The Fast food industry also targets

the immigrants, disabled and the handicapped. They feel because of the

type of environment and poor background they come from that they are

willing to do any thing and take anything. They receive few benefits

from working these jobs. The only thing they offer is free food in most

restaurants. These employees work very long hours every day. Sometimes

they barely make two hundred dollars. Sometimes they don't even make the

two hundred. They learn few skills and a lot...