The Effects of fat Diets.

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"Lose 30 pounds in thirty days! Burn, block, flush fat from your system!"

Advertisements like these promise immediate weight loss results for the masses. Are they really worth the negative effects that your body would experience? For the majority of people, many of these diets work; however these benefits are only short lived. Studies have shown that "ninety-five percent of all dieters will regain their lost weight within one to five years." So far, the only safe and effective weight loss program has been to eat a well-balanced diet and consistently participate in a physical activity, such as running or a sport.

Obesity in America affects nearly one-third of the nation's population. As more and more Americans become obese, the diet product market grows, swelling to a $40 billion a year industry. With such large customer market, there is an innumerable amount of products. Certain products or diets gain and lose popularity; the present dieting fad is of the "Quick Fix" type.

These diets are hugely successful now because of their claims. Who wouldn't want to "burn, block, flush fat" from their system without exerting any effort? All it takes, or so companies say, is to swallow a pill or drink a great tasting chocolate elixir and one will shed numerous pounds at an extreme rate. Diets such as "Sugar Busters", "Enter the zone", and "Protein Power" become fads because people, in general, would rather eat "junk food" than jog and eat healthy. In addition, people are always attracted to the glamour that Hollywood provides to the "common person". Celebrities in the entertainment industry constantly stress the importance of being skinny. It seems their presence is very influential considering the fact that nearly 60% of the population feels uncomfortable about their bodies.

Many popular diets suggest eliminating almost entire food...