Effects of gay marriage on children

Essay by smath March 2006

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So many challenges face young teenagers as they evolve into adults. They include where they come from, are they good looking, what race they are and most importantly their parents. It is my view that homosexual parents have a right to make choices concerning their marital partners but should consider the impact of that choice when raising children. In this day in age, children from gay and lesbian relationships face additional challenges with their peer groups as their parents don't fit the normal role. Having observed this first hand with my friend Heather, it is my view that homosexuals should not be parents as the children of such relationships suffer. This paper will compare my heterosexual parents upbringing to Heathers and describe the pro's and cons of both.

According to Dr. Spock, like any family, what is most important for children is how loving and nurturing the parents are.

He states that gay men and women can be as warm and caring or as dysfunctional as heterosexual parents and that the mental health of their children is comparable. He quotes many studies show that there is no difference between the well-being of children raised by heterosexual parents and those raised by gay or lesbian parents. I disagree with this based on my experience and Heathers.

In my case, I come from heterosexual parents who are currently somewhat happily married. I have difficulty relating to my father and my mother was always pushing me and the house was always stressful. My friend, Heather however, who lived down the street comes from lesbian parents who have been together for twenty-five years. When I visited her, the environment was loving. We grew up together and were best friends and neighbours. I was never sure of myself and had few friends at...