The effects of mainstream school education upon a student with a disability or a special school education strengths and weaknesses.

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Advantages of special schools with a chid with a disability:

Special schools provide updated resources and informatoin, and will adapt the curriculum to suit the needs of the child. Specialized teaching skills and progress with a focus on individualized instruction and small class sizes. Variety of prograns with good teacher support developing independent living skills rather than focussing on curriculum only.

Disadvantage of special schools :

Stigmatizing the child with a disability isolating them from being around normal developing peers unable then to pick up or imitate normal behaviours isolates family and friends from thier community.

Advantages of full time inclusion into an inclusive school

setting :

Less isolation and stigma for families and children with disabilities the child attends the same school as thie peers, sisters, and brothers not seen as different generating self worth higher self esteem a sense of belonging and accepting to a peer group. The goal of inclusion is not to erase differences but to enable all students to belong in an educational community normal role modelling of behaviours from their peers.

Disadvantage of full time inclusion into an inclusive school :

Merely placing a child into an inclusive school is not sufficient to allow for their social includion other supports need to be in place to facilitate their acceptance and belonging in a peer group. A disadvantage of full time inclusion into mainstream schooling is th lack of special programs specialized teachers and ssos to meet the diverse needs of the child lack of funding contributes to the many issues families are faced with if choosing to place their child in a mainstream school setting. Competition is high between thier peers and a focus is set on academic excellence and teaching the curriculum rather than independant living skills which may contribute to lowering the...