The Effects of the Mass Media in the USA

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Mass Media has corrupted the minds if American youth. Through media sexual references and adult content on a regular basis, TV networks and radio stations have desensitized American youth for the all mighty dollar. Media’s sexual focus has degraded our youth and molded teenagers into having unrealistic views of life. The youth of America are becoming perverts. To stop the media from using obscene or profoundly suggestive sexual images they should be: fined for each instance, have their license revoked and prosecuted for indecency.

To stop the display of degrading material we need to hit them where it hurts, the bank account. The fine for profanity would be at a value of $30,000 dollars per instance. The fine would be applicable in the following situations: the use of the f word, references to God in negative ways, and use of several other curse words. Also included would be fines for indecency.

The fine for indecency would be applicable in the following situations: partial nudity, images that allude to sexual acts, and unnecessary use of sexual content in advertisements. The FCC would take charge in this initiative to “stomp” out the adult content.

The networks also need to have their licenses revoked to see how serious this initiative is. After revoking the license, networks would only be allowed to broadcast censored reruns. This inability to run current programs should cause advertising money and profits to shrink making the needed dollar impact to change sexual content in the media.

Lastly, networks and media would be prosecuted on charges of indecency. Networks would not be allowed to play new episodes until the trial is over and the verdict is not guilty. Guilty networks would only receive 90% of their income in the future. The remaining 10% would be donated to counseling services.

By instituting these changes teenagers we redeem their minds and corrupt views of life. Eventually teens will develop a respectful realistic view of life. This new respect should assist our youth into becoming mature valuable adults.

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