Effects of the Media on Society

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10 October 2014

Societal Impact Media has on Children and Teens

Whether our society realizes it or not, media has a very strong impact on many lives daily. Media is controversial in all aspects. For the most part, it impacts teenagers worldwide and in most cases, it's in a very negative way. A lot of people rely on mass media and social networks for current news and updates. It can update anyone on events happening currently, when in reality the information given is usually incorrect, unobtainable, not put to any good use, or all of the above. The news story I watched was the impact of media and social networks on teenagers' lives.

The real question people should ask is, "How doesn't the media impact society?" Everywhere we go today, the media and social networks are enticing people to buy the latest and greatest products or informing people on what's happening across the world.

Advertisements present us with a set of images that idealize certain life circumstances. Media surrounds us everywhere in life and sometimes that's hard to get away from. According to CNN the average eight to ten year old spends nearly eight hours a day on various types of media and teenagers spend close to eleven hours per day on different media as well. This amount is incredibly high but furthermore shocking because eleven hours is almost half a day, wasted on literally nothing. This is harmful because so many kids start believing that these social networks are real life and they get caught up in the drama that comes along with it. Today cyber bullying is at an all time high and it's because of these social networks. It has also been acknowledged that the media can contribute to...