The Effects of Music on the Mind.

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This report is about the effect of music on ones mind. It tells how music affects a mind while taking a series of different tests while listening to a variety of different music. It provides proof that music does effect ones mind not only as a teenager or older but also as you are a child. Listening to music as a small child could create a reasonable person or it can create a monster.

Statement of the problem

The problem that this experiment is researching is how does music affect the mind.

Statement of purpose

The purpose of this project is to hopefully aid the research of musical physcology. The project can be expanded and made better by adding on to what the project has already uncovered in the research and tests that are withheld in this experiment.

Review of related litature

I chose this topic because it is an issue that I have always been interested in.

I like to read books, articles, and other things that are related to physcology. I knew a therapist and I greatly respected him. I plan to go to college and major in physcology so I thought that this would be a good topic to do for the science fair. I've gathered information from all over the place. I got information from the therapist I knew, the Internet and books. The therapist said, " The mind is like a very complex colored cube, but it is not impossible to discover the true color of every side." This statement has kept me through out this project and it will keep me going until I major in physcology.

Statement of hypothesis

It is hypothesized that there is no direct relationship between the mind and music but it is also hypothesized that there is an...