The effects of the removal of Religous support (Literature Review)

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As it stands, we are the transition stage. We have no structure, there is no black and white, we live in a clouded time. All questions are being answered again, because the past is no longer the present. No person knows if our corrections are correct, but they do know it is what the majority wants. The question which is rarely looked at, and that will be looked at in this paper, is the effects which this transition is having on society. This paper is going to attempt to reveal the results, of the removal of religious education and support. The literature involved is going to display the direct, and indirect effects, of not being brought up to believe a certain religion, but to choose your own, no matter what it is.

The past beliefs on religious support and education are displayed in the words of Aristotle;

'Moral virtues come from habit...

The habits we form from childhood make no small difference, but rather they make all the difference.' 1

Our society has decided that the habits referred to by Aristotle, do not matter, when involving religion. Statistics tend to show a different result than what our present society feels. This paper is dealing with several different valid sources, which mesh together to make a collective statement. This statement is that the lack of religious support is one of the main reasons why society and its morals are decreasing.

World Vision of Canada has published as of November 1993 statistics dealing with the attendance of church and youth, which states; Canada's church attendance, in all denominations has decreased by twenty-five percent in adults and fifteen percent in youth. In Britain Adult attendance is down ten percent and youth attendance is down nine percent. In France the adult attendance is down...