Effects of Sexual Orientation

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As children turn into young adults, it appears as though their whole lives change right before their eyes; from their bodies and physical appearances to opinions and even their identity. One major question that young adults begin to face includes their sexual orientation and what they choose to classify as. Along with this question, many different issues and possible consequences that could be faced along the way seem to present themselves. This decision is an important one, as it is one that follows a person for the rest of their life and has a lasting impact.

Some important inquiries that researchers have in regards to individuals' sexual orientation involves the longer lasting effects that it has on people, how people define their interests and attraction in other individuals, and how it affects their lives on a daily basis.

In order to measure sexual orientation, and the numerous issues that people may face because of their identity, surveyors usually provide either a written or online questionnaire to participants or perform interviews. However, surveys and questionnaires typically have a larger turn out, as the survey can be spread through many different means of communication. These questionnaires usually begin with the researcher asking the participants typical demographic questions, including their sexual orientation, before delving into the deeper issues that are actually being studied. From there, the surveys, questionnaires, and interviews typically ask about sexual attractions, sexual behaviors and partners, and how participants handled the stresses accompanied with their sexual identities. From this, researchers are able to effectively and quickly measure sexual orientations and the behavior that follows each of those categories.

However, by providing questionnaires, a lot of other opinions that cannot be defined are discredited. A majority of the...