Effects of smoking

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How would you like losing twenty-seven years of your life? Smoking cigarettes has been proven too be extremely dangerous too your health, which causes various forms of cancer and other life threatening diseases. It is found to be a very expensive habit and to be a financial problem. As if this wasn't enough too get you too stop smoking, It can also ruin you socially causing you too lose friends and even lower your social status, who wants too be around someone that smells like smoke all the time? There are many life threatening effects of smoking, including respiratory problems, circulatory problems and even in some severe cases has been proven too cause impotency in men. But out of all of these, the worst side effect of smoking is cancer; it is a life threatening disease that can affect many parts of your body at once. Lung cancer is one of the most common type of cancer caused by smoking.

Smoking can cause cancer in the stomach as well in the throat.

Smoking not only attacks your health, but it can also attack your pocketbook. The costs of a single pack of cigarettes has raised substantially in recent years, from 1.75 in the late '80s too nearly over $3.00 now, that's over $20.00 a carton. Think if you smoked two packs a day for 30 years, multiply that by the price of a pack a cigarettes (think about the fact that the price is almost certain to rise within that time), that's a lot of money. Then you have the cleaning and air freshening bills about every 2 or 3 months. There would be cost to burns on your clothing and furniture.

Smokers have become more and more unpopular in recent years due too the dangers of second hand...