The effects of Solar Automobiles on the US economy

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As the world moves further with technology, the next big step will be the introduction of solar powered cars. For years, cars have relied on oil, for gasoline, their primary form of power. The Unites States, only being able to produce so much oil, has relied on importing it from other countries. 63% of all oil is used as fuel (gasoline) for automobiles (Perkins, "Production" 6). With increasing use of automobiles in everyday life, the U.S has not been able to produce enough oil to keep up with the country's needs. "It has caused a deepening of the U. S.'s dependence on foreign oil. Domestic oil demand, which had fallen to 15.7 million barrels a day (bbl/d) in 1985, climbed to 17 million last year. Meanwhile, domestic production has been declining aging U. S. oil fields produced only 7.2 million bbl/d last year, down from 8.9 million in 1995. As a result, the U.

S., the world's largest energy consumer, now imports more than 50% of its crude oil and petroleum products" (qtd. Miller). A lot of US revenue is derived from the production of the gas and oil industry. The gas and oil industry produce a great percentage of jobs, which help the economy. The industry also produced a great deal of profit from exporting of its oil to other countries and the capitalizing of oil being imported into the US. All this revenue greatly helped the American economy and will continue to help in its growth. However, once solar powered cars are introduced into the American market, its economy will greatly diminish.

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The introduction of solar powered cars into the American market would greatly diminish its economy, nevertheless, its introduction would be extremely beneficial to the

United States, in the respect that it would open a...