Effects of Technology

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Effects of Technology-Cell PhonesMarchUniversity of PhoenixGEN 300Cell phones and the changes they bring, affects the lives of people all over the world in many ways. Cell phones are an inexpensive way to communicate with other people across the street or across the world without any delays or expensive calling charges. Cell phones today are small and convenient and can enable a person to conduct business from anywhere at anytime. Cell phones are equipped with tools like GPS, internet access (including email and World Wide Web searches), games, word processor (for writing emails, letters and memos), cameras, MP3 players and much more.

Compared to any other technology, cell phones have had the biggest impact on the lives of people today. Many people use cell phones instead of residential landlines for the convenience and cost effectiveness of it. Cell phones are also starting to take the place of the old hand held Palm Pilots and in some cases personal computers.

"Cell phones have far outpaced personal digital assistants as the electronic device favored by consumers - 187.7 million people, or 65.4 percent of the U.S. population, own cell phones, according to the Yankee Group, which has stopped tracking sales of handheld computers that lack cellular connectivity, calling them irrelevant." (Sandoval 2005).

In today's busy world it seems everybody has and uses a cellular device. It has become such an epidemic that laws are being passed everyday to restrict people from using their cell phone while driving; preventing serious accidents from happening because of people being distracted by cell phones. More and more people are starting to use hands free devices to continue to drive and talk.

The cell phone trend is not slowing down or coming to a halt anytime soon. "Yes, we've come a long way baby, but as far as...