The Effects of Technology

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Abstract Technology has revolutionized the way people communicate, people now behave different thanks to the Internet and new habits have been acquired. Not long ago the only way to connect to the Internet was through a connected cable to your computer and a server's provider and now you can connect without the cable by means of a wireless connection.

Who could think that no travels to the library will be necessary? Or that people would not longer need to buy the newspaper. The Internet has impacted cultures in many different ways to bringing not only a way of communication but information too.

Technology has changed the world with many advantages, from when the first light bulb was turned on all the way to the promotion of the Internet. Technology is immersed in our lives to such an extent that it is extremely difficult for many cultures to live without it.

Technology is a useful tool that can and will keep changing the future of humankind. One of the systems that have suffered the biggest change is the communication system. Not only can people communicate through the use of regular phones, now they can also communicate wirelessly and through a virtual place known as the Internet. Who would have thought!In "Parents Guide to the Internet" (1997). Benefits of Getting on the Information Superhighways stated, "When we talk about getting online, we mean being connected to the Internet--a giant network of computers that connects people and information all over the world."The Internet has a lot in common with other forms of communication (1997):•Like the U.S. Postal Service, the Internet allows anyone who knows your Internet address to send you a letter. (It's called electronic mail, or e-mail for short).

•Like the telephone, the Internet allows you to "chat"...