The Effects of Technology on our lives as shown through the works of Ray Bradbury

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Unhindered TechnologyOnly the charred ash remained on the remnants of once tall buildings, the stench of the burnt flesh of humanity still hung in the air, this world was deceased. A world destroyed by technology, the very same technology that man has strived to create. This scenario is not very far from our current lives. Technology if uncontrolled can overrun our lives. This revelation is shown in many short stories by Ray Bradbury and Joan Aiken. After reading these stories is easy to see that technology uncontrolled can devastate our lives.

Technology, if let get out of hand can ruin our lives. This is shown to us in "The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury. Television is so addictive that Mr. Leonard Mead gets arrested for nothing more than taking his evening walk (Bradbury 100). The fact that we as a people could spend every last second watching TV to the point that taking a walk is abnormal is extremely frightening and eye opening.

A life with nothing other than work and T.V is not healthy and would lead to an unbearable society. Another freighting aspect of this TV laden life is the fact that absolutely no one is on the streets so the city decided that they only needed one police car for a city of three million people (Bradbury 99). The fact that TV dominates their life to the extant that crime has been suppressed altogether. At first glance it sounds like a tremendous accomplishment, but if looked at in a little depth it easy to see that it is not because everyone is an outstanding citizen but rather that people don't want to stop watching TV for any reason at all. A crime free society is great but if they can't get off the couch it is an...