Effects of Television Violence on Children.

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Annotated Bibliography on The Effects of Television Violence on Children

Krcmar, M Cooke, MC. "Television and Children - Psychological Aspect". Journal of Communication, Summer 2001, Vol.51 Issue2 p.300.

The article attempts to prove a child's ability to process a display of violent behavior is

effected by the way their brain interprets and processes the information. A child's age is a

significant factor in identifying a child's maturity level. This is proven through sample

testing where a violent scenario is viewed by providing a clip of a Television show,

which displays some form of violent behavior. Then children are giving a short story

where they have to provide a ending to the story. The results concluded older children

expressed violent behavior within the ending of their short stories more frequently as a

form of punishment than younger children. (Krcmar, M Cooke). Young children were

impacted less proving his theory.

The UCLA Television Violence Monitoring Report UCLA Center for Communication Policy.

http://www. Mediascope@mediascope.org/mediascope. (September 1995)

The study discus's violence in television programming during children specific viewing

hours (Saturday morning and weekdays between the hours of 5- 9pm). The study

identified which shows are the #1 culprits in displaying violent behavior. This was

proven by conducting a viewing pole and requesting the public to identify the programs

which programs fell within the following categories:

-Excessive violence

-Selected violence

-Limited violence

-Violent scenes but the subject matter does not warrant parental concern

This was a rather small study however categorizing the types of shows that displayed

violent behavior by subject matter can assist a parent in monitoring their child's viewing


Amy Jane Wenglar, Bio 1 "Class Bio of George Gerbner"

This is a review of George Gerbner's theory that concludes children's television shows

contain significant amounts of violent acts. As...