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The Great War Marc Koprinarov Thirty one nations were engaged in what came to be known as World War 1. Although the war was fought in trenches, there were numerous advancements in the art of warfare.

Society's view on the role of women began to change due to the war. World War one forever changed the course of the world by triggering the events that led to World War II.

World War 1 was a modern war with airplanes, tanks and machine guns, but the commanders often fought as if it were a 19th century war (Harvey 71). Innovations such as submarines, airplanes, tanks, and chemical weapons made the war a lot more dangerous than any previous war. World War 1 proved to be a great stimulus to the production and military the aircraft, including the airplane and airship, or dirigible balloon, and the tethered balloon (Harvey 86).

The Germans also used a chemical entitled " Mustard Gas" to gain an upper hand in war. The tactics on the battle field remained the same as they always had, but this time the artillery was deadlier. These advancements have impacted all future generations because they have made life more dangerous by creating fear of mass destruction.

Women had to work hard to gain freedom. Before World War I women were treated as property. With most of the world at war and armies consisting of men, there was no one to keep towns and communities running. Women started working in factories and building artillery for soldiers to use in the trenches. From that point on society's view on women began to change. Women proved to the whole world that they can be independent. This eventually led to women gaining their freedom and the respect they deserve.

By the Treaty of...