Efficiency Of Transportation

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The demand for a more efficient means of transportation has increased over the past several years. The oil industry has become a monopoly over the petroleum industry. We, as consumers, are vulnerable to the high prices that are being demanded for petroleum products. The rise in gas prices along with the passing of stricter emission laws, the demand for a more efficient means of transportation is in high demand. Consumers desire a vehicle that has a better mileage to fuel consumed ratio. It seems the most efficient vehicle that is in production is the electric car. Because of the high gas prices and the signing of new emission laws, I would personally buy an electric car because of the advantages stated.

The inflation of gas prices is causing an immense demand for a vehicle that costs less to operate and maintain. Most consumers, along with me, are not willing to pay the higher costs for a vehicle that is going to cost more to maintain.

Therefore, the demand for a generally cheaper automobile is in great demand. The government is producing stricter emission laws to help prevent depletion of the ozone layer. In accordance to these new laws, people desire an automobile that is more efficient to operate in terms of normal operation costs along with the costs of maintenance.

The costs to maintain an electric car are tremendously less because it lacks many of the parts that an internal combustion engine car has. Because it lacks most of the parts that an ordinary car has, the repair costs are at a minimum. An electric car does not require the use of gas, therefore saving the consumer hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year. However, the costs of replacing batteries would be a huge burden on the...