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The average amount of time it took to embalm a dead person was about 70 days. As soon as someone died their body was taken to an embalming workshop. There specialists washed the body and shaved the body of its hair, only leaving the facial hair and hair on the hear. One person made a cut on the left side of the abdomen and then ran out of the building since everyone else would yell and throw things at him. The reason they did this was because the Egyptians believed it was wrong to harm a dead body. Then someone removed four internal organs, the stomach, lungs, intestines, r. Some coffins were decorated with scenes of the gods or inscribed with hieroglyphs that said the name of the dead person.

On the funeral day, the mummy was put in the tomb where priests performed the Opening of the Mouth Ritual.

Then the family put food, clothes, furniture, and dishes into the tomb.

and liver. Sometimes they took out the heart and other times they left it in. This could have been because they thought the heart served the purpose that we know the brain does. Ancient Egyptians believed that your pulse was you heart telling your body what to do. Or it may have been because the gods weighed the heart against the feather of truth to see if the dead person could pass into the after life. The embalmers then broke a bone behind the nose and then cut the brain into small pieces so they could pull them out through the left nostril. Then they filled the skull with a type of plant or sawdust.

After all of that the embalmers covered the body with powered natron (sodium bicarbonate), which absorbed all the moisture in the body. They...