Egypt Assignment. Part A: Identify and state the signifigance of 10 Important items from Ancient Egypt Part B: Why was Ancient Egypt so unchanging?

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Part A

The Great Pyramid

-The largest building ever built (By volume)

-Amazing Construction

-Built without modern tools, all by hand

-They managed to build a building in 25 years (all by hand) that has never been equaled

The Step Pyramid

-First monumental stone building in history

-Created by Imnotep

-One mustaba on top of another

-Exemplifies what a wealthy society is (Time, resources, labor)

Mastaba Tombs

-Rock cut tombs

-First development in effort to preserve bodies of royalty

-They don't really work, and get robbed often

-Are tremendous feats of engineering

Great temple of Amun

-Built in the new kingdom

-Nothing short of immense

-In use for 1500 years

-Significant for hypo-style hall (73, 68 foot columns)

-Clearly demonstrates power of religious establishment


-Process of preserving a dead body

-All internal organs put into jars, except heart

-Body kept in baking powder-like stuff for 70 days

-Body was wrapped in cloth, in the layers of cloth, artifacts were kept.

-Cost about one year's salary, very expensive

-Done to expedite trip to afterlife

-It shows how important going to the afterlife was for Egyptians


-Represents water

-Also represents the Nile, on which the Egyptian society was based

-Also was the hieroglyph for the "N" sound


-Supreme ruler of Egypt

-High priest of Egypt

-Owns everything

-Ran a relatively kind dictatorship

-Exists through history of Egypt

Old Kingdom

-Has Hieroglyphs, religious beliefs, mummification

-Builds the pyramids (about 250)

-Following the collapse of central authority is an intermediate period of civil wars

Middle Kingdom

-About 1975 b.c.

-"Classic" ancient Egypt

-Cultural high point


-Time of great literature

-Burial practices modified - pyramids topped construction

-Intermediate period afterwards

New Kingdom

-1500 b.c.

-Ancient Egypts richest time

-At the most powerful

-Time of Okhanaten, Tut, Ramseys


-God of...