Egypt's compliance with the good governance agenda

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1. Introduction

This essay will discuss whether or not Egypt complies with the good governance agenda. In order to measure Egypt's compliance (or non-compliance), the principles of good governance will be cited and explained, and then reference will be given to Egypt's situation with regard to these components. Each point will be evaluated to assess and answer the question of whether Egypt is in compliance with that particular component of good governance or not, and in conclusion, the question of whether or not Egypt complies with the good governance agenda will be addressed and answered.

2. Definition of Good Governance

According to the World Bank (2006:xx), Good Governance can be defined as being:

...epitomized by predictable, open, and enlightened policymaking (that is, transparent processes); a bureaucracy imbued with a professional ethos; an executive arm of government accountable for its actions; and a strong civil society participating in public affairs; and all behaving under the rule of law.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) cites five principles of good governance, each of which will be discussed and expanded (2005, Internet Source).

2.1. Legitimacy and Voice

2.1.1 Form of Regime:

The basic element of good governance is democracy. Democracy 'links government to the people', and is government 'of, by and for the people' (Heywood, 2002:68).

According to Heywood (2002:84) the most broadly accepted model of democracy is generally termed 'liberal democracy'. The central features of this model are that it is an "indirect and representative form of democracy ... based on regular elections". Competition between political parties as well as electoral choice forms part of the operation of this model, and there is a clear distinction between state and civil society, which allows for the existence of autonomous groups and private property.

2.1.2 Human Rights:

There is an inseparable link between democracy...