How Egyptian and Greek culture is reflected through their respective mythology

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Separation of the Earth and the Sky

The separation of earth and sky are dealt with differently in the Egyptian and Greek mythology stories. This separation must occur to allow the development of the offspring of the earth and sky deities; the influence on these two myth stories is clearly seen on how the ancient cultures perceived their respective social values. In the Egyptian myth it is believed that Egypt was created from a watery waste of the Nun or Chaos. Religious Egyptians strived to maintain a balance and order by attending daily temple services and following a strict religious code to keep the society from returning to chaos. This balance and order was similar to the faithful Nile River with its annual flooding; seeing the river providing life with the depositing of silt bringing a rebirth of the depleted soil . Ra the preeminent Egyptian god was determined to maintain this balance and order by the sacrificing of his own family when they upset the balance.

In the Greek mythology the gods were humanlike and showed the strengths and weaknesses of man. Ancient Greek society believed in justice and the law, and had a strong sense of honor. The manner in which the sky god Uranus treats his earth wife Gaea and family are dishonorable, and as a result of his poor behavior he is castrated and removed, replaced by his son Cronus.

Both the Sky and Earth gods had to be forcefully separated from their prospective lovers in order for there progeny to be born; progeny that was to have a profound impact on the pantheons of both the Greek and Egyptian mythology. Both of the female deities had to use manipulation and cunning to allow the birth of her children. In the Egyptian version it was...