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Gods are higher than men; therefore they must reside on a higher plateau than man. With this assumption all mankind would like to be closer to "the gods". The Sumerians and the Egyptians believed this assumption as well. Sumerian people built the White Temple for this purpose, and Egyptian people build the Great Pyramids. These two marvels of man are similar in many ways, but yet different as well.

Reasons for the construction of the White Temple and the Great Pyramids differ in some degree. The White Temple was constructed to worship the gods of Sumeria, while the Great Pyramids were used to help the Egyptian leaders into the after life with the gods.

The period of time in which the White Temple was constructed was 3200 "“ 3000 B.C., and the Great pyramids were constructed 2551 "“2528 B.C. As we all know there was no type of machinery or modern tools during that day, except for brut manpower.

Amazing, puzzling, astounding, even unbelievable that man, and only man, could build two establishments like this with their bare hands. Many of us today are under the impression that these wonders, the White Temple in Uruk and the Great Pyramids in Gizeh, were created by the bare hands of slaves. This is a fair assumption, seeing how slave labor was used during these periods of time, but it is not true. Normal every day citizens built these monuments. The people of this time were eager and willing to please and honor their gods and leaders. Dedication is a big part of why these two tasks were completed. If this were to be done today they would never get built, because most people are not dedicated to their "gods", or their leaders to complete tasks of these magnitudes.

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