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The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on the Organization

Alex Retzer

Rockhurst University


Organizations have dramatically changed within the past century. Top down hierarchies have transformed to address the needs of those at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Emotional intelligence served as the catalyst for change within the organization. Positive effects from emotional intelligence include effective communication, recognition of individuals' emotions, and promotes healthy relationship building; therefore positively impacting the organization.

How does emotional intelligence positively impact the organization? To answer this question one must first understand the characteristics of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is composed of four dimensions: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management (Segal 2014). These four dimensions are further divided into inward and outward, personal and social competencies (Goleman 2011). Utilizing emotional intelligence enables individuals to identify, understand, analyze, and manage emotions positively to alleviate stress, overcome challenges, empathize with those around them, communicate effectively, and to mollify conflict (Segal 2014).

(Goleman 2011)

Below is a deeper analysis of each of the four emotional intelligence dimensions:


Self-awareness allows one to recognize their emotions in real time and how it affects their behavior, assumptions, and words. Self-awareness sanctions one to identify their strengths and weakness and to be cognizant of them during conversation. Being mindful of ones strengths and weaknesses allows for higher levels of self-confidence as well as capabilities (Goleman 2011).


Self-management sanctions ones ability to control disruptive impulse feelings, reactions, and behaviors (Segal 2014). Self-management allows for better transparency, adaptability in ever-changing situations, achievement orientation, initiative towards opportunities, and optimistic outlook (Goleman 2011).

Social Awareness

Social awareness portrays one's sense of empathy; sensing others emotions, understanding their point of view, and taking real interest in their angst. Social awareness better connects one with the workings of an organization, its networks, politics, and...