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Cameron Brummund

Hour 3

Imperialism Political Cartoon

The beginning of American Imperialism in the cartoon is shown through the symbols of graphs, crosses, Naval ships, sugar canes, the American flag and the drawings of the territories along with the United States. The graphs in the mid-west of the United States show production going up and then markets going down as the farmers were over producing. This overproduction was one of the main causes of Imperialism as the United States needed more trade markets. Without new markets, American citizens thought the United States would bust but with new markets, it would boom. The 2nd symbol is the crosses in the Philippines which represent Protestant Church and how America wanted to spread its ideas to the "backwards people." These backwards people weren't seen as equals to the United States. This created more Imperialistic ideas as the US wanted to fix these countries and spread their own ideas.

The third symbol of naval ships represents the idea from Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan that controlling the sea is an important part to being able to dominate the world and was a large part of imperialism. It also represents how the United States used its navy to send messages to other countries like Japan to be able to intimidate countries and show them the kind of power the United States has. Sugar cane represents the American sugar farms in Hawaii, this represents Imperialism as the US annexed Hawaii and got rid of their queen to help get rid of the tariffs that needed to be paid for these sugar farms. The American flags on each of the territories represent the United States control over those territories as well as jingoism and how imperialism created nationalistic views and self-pride. Lastly, the drawings of the...