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The ruckus all happened so quickly. The worlds cartoon characters started jumping out of TV screens, magazines, newspapers and all other forms of animation to compete with the real world.

There have been many bizarre events today that made the news headlines concerning these loony characters.

Firstly, we've heard horrible news that Jerry has killed Tom. After many years of head lumps and broken teeth, a 140-kilogram anvil finally did the trick. Jerry was delighted when Tom for once couldn't manage to get up after his gruesome trick. Jerry has been sentenced to 362 episodes behind bars. He stated that the sentence does not bother him as long as Tom is out of his life.

To the great shock of all US citizens, the Scooby doo gang will not be able to solve their mysteries anymore. Well, not until they are set free. Yes! They are being held hostage! The gang were held at gunpoint when they intruded into Osama Bin Ladens supposed underground lair to try solve the mystery of the notorious mans whereabouts.

Or is he a man? The coward finally put an end to the crew's undefeated streak of solved mysteries when he ordered 6000 soldiers with machine guns wearing hot pants and crop tops to surround the five nosey teens. Osama is asking for one million Zim Dollars to free the US crime busters, but this is not possible as there are no more Zim Dollars left.

Dexter has been fined $ 130 000 in regards to repairs to damage of surrounding areas near his residence in London. He was apparently preparing his concluding experiment to cure the world of HIV, when his sister Didi intruded into his fuming laboratory, dancing around in a skimpy mini-skirt with a cigarette lodged into her fowl mouth. The tart...