Einstein The Genius

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Einstein The Genius

Did you know that Albert Einstein is named Time Magazine's Man Of The Century? Einstein did many great things in his lifetime and had many important achievements that no other scientist has been able to equal. What I wanted to understand was Einstein's work with Nuclear Physics and in Astronomy.

Einstein was born in the town of Ulm, Germany, Albert Einstein spent his early youth in Munich. While attending Zurich Polytechnic Institute he became a Swiss citizen. He graduated in 1890 and took a job at the Berne patent office. Einstein carried out experiments on his own time and in 1905, he published three scientific papers, including one that would make his name a household word - The Special History of Relativity. Einstein demonstrated that motion is relative and that physical laws must be the same for all observers moving relative to each other, as well as his famous equation E=mc2 showing that mass and energy are equivalent.

He received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectic effect.

Albert Einstein helped make the first nuclear bomb. The theory that allowed people to design the first nuclear bomb was E=mc2. Also that same theory was confirmed by using machines that could break apart the nuclear cores of atoms. The Russell-Einstein Manifesto warned of the peril of nuclear weapons and the dangers of continuing an arms race and called upon scientists to discuss a resolution. That's Einstein's contributions to the nuclear bomb. "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding," said Albert Einstein in the Russell-Einstein Manifesto.

Einstein helped Astronomy because of his theory of relativity; the theory that states that the speed of light to remain constant as seen by all observers. These results have truly bizarre...