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Many results of the Cold War came that the American people feared in the aftermath of the Second World War according to Eisenhower in a press conference in 1954. The American public feared the Soviets for many reasons. On one hand the Soviets had nuclear technology and on the other their communist government frightened the American people as stated by John Foster Dulles. Because at this time China was becoming Communist as well The fear of the American public increased, however President Eisenhower addressed these fears with the safety of the American people in mind. Eisenhower made many of his decisions based on the input of others which made him a very popular president. Eisenhower's plan for communism, as drastic as it was, became one of his administration's most decisive and efficient policy.

Eisenhower and his administration soon after the spread of communism developed a new policy. This policy was developed from Eisenhower's new program called the New Look.

Eisenhower's new plan involved threat of using nuclear weapons as a form of containment. The policy of Eisenhower's had potentially dangerous results however. In the case of an actual Communist action, the US would only be able to respond with nuclear war, or to devise a new plan. This also encouraged the Soviets to increase funding and time to their research, shown in a US News and World Report(1957). With Eisenhower's New Look, the United States would be prepared for Communism of any form. When the American public became informed of Soviet nuclear technology rumors of another war became rampant. Eisenhower's relief came with the FCDA insuring safety to the public if preparations were made. The relief of the FCDA came in the form of bomb shelters(sealed barricades to preserve life for an extended period of time from such an attack),