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Maiya Turner

August 26, 2014

"I could instantly identify with everything connected to th4 game of baseball connected to the game of baseball had change for him, as It had changed for me"(81) . Based on the evidence in the text he is dealing with remorse. We also understand that John at first after his mothers death, the dirt thing that he was thinking of was the fact that he thought he would need know who his father was. He also did have a good or short relationship with his mothers- "flings". Still, the closest thing to a dad had to be Dan who was married to his mother. After her death John wasn't able to live with him after he developed somewhat of a drinking problem. Either way he was always there for John. That didn't fill the void though, John wanted to know at least who his father was.

In the story we examine the different types of men in John's life. For him before Tabitha met Dan, men seemed to come and go. With his mothers free spirit, it seemed like men would always seem to come and go. Over the years after her death that did become some type or an issue. When he finally found out who his father was though, for the reader everything was put into place. The pastor had children and a wife. His mother being the person that she is didn't want tone associate with that incident. In the end, it sad to say it, but it was beat for them to leave.