The Elasticity Of A Rubber Band In Different Temperatures

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The Question: Does temperature affect the elasticity of a rubber band? Our Hypothesis: We thought that in hot water that it will be the most elastic. Simply because hot water make things stretchy and moveable like balsa wood.

Material: 1. Three Cups 2. Nine rubber bands (should be the same) 3. Cold Water 4. Hot Water 5. Room Temperature Water 6. Two pencils (you will see why later) 7. Four Ice Cubes 8. Water that is sitting in an indoor location 9. Stop Watch 10. Ruler Experimental 1. Take one cup and fill about half way and add the ice.

2. Once Melted label as COLD 3. Take a second cup and fill half way with hot water.

4. Make sure the water is HOT label as hot 5. Finally, take the last cup and pour the sitting out water to half waypoint.

6. Label as Room Temp.

7. Put ONE rubber band in each and wait 4 minutes.

8. This trial was redone three more times.

9. Use a ruler to measure Data The table should be created as a bar graph.

Kind of Water Trial ONE [1] (cm) Trial TWO [2] (cm) Trial THREE [3] (cm) TOTAL (cm) COLD 23 33.5 46 102.5 HOT 33 40 43 116 ROOM TEMP. 38 30.5 34 102.5 Controlled Variables Experimental Variables Rubber Bands (9) Temperature of Water Cups Distance stretched ROOM TEMP: 72degrees (air conditioned environment) Hot Water: 93degrees Cold Water: 3degrees CONCLUSTION: The aftermath of this experiment was that temperatures do not matter in rubber elasticity. It's amazing that room temperature and the ice freezing cold water in the end were the SAME!! Well we were correct in that the hot water had more elasticity. It really depends on what area conditions you are in.

Rubber is a...