Elder Abuse

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AbstractThis is a research paper that is focusing on the field of forensic nursing and specifically on elder abuse. It tries to examine the impact that forensic nursing has brought in the society not forgetting the different issues surrounding this newly emerged specialty.

IntroductionOver the recent years research suggests an estimate of more than two million older Americans have fallen victims of physical, emotional\psychological, or other forms of abuse and neglect. After spending their lifetime providing for their families and friends, many of these elder people live a desperate life that is characterized by loneliness and negligence. Others find themselves living lonely in nursing facilities fully depended on the care of strangers. Bearing in mind that these are some of the delicate members of our society they require a trustworthy care giver be it a relative, a nurse or a physician who can guarantee them of security (Lynch, 2003, p.23).

They also require an assurance of where they can get help whenever that trust is broken for instance in the case of an elder abuse. As earlier noted this elders abuse can come in so many different forms such as; sexual assault physical abuse, neglect or even exploitation of their resources. Whenever these cases happen these people are unaware of where to go for help and it has been estimated that for every case of elder abuse reported other five cases go unreported. This has attracted a lot of concern and of late organizations have emerged that stand for the rights of these elders such as "Phones for Life" which is a New York based non profit based organization working to curb the increasing number of cases of elder abuse (Lynch, 2003, p.23)Thesis statementAddressing the issue of elder abuse calls for an all-inclusive approach from all care facilities, families, physicians...