The Election process of the United States of America

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As citizens of the United States, it is very important that we know how the election process of our country works and how every one of our vote counts. It is our duty as citizens to vote. Since we vote, we must all know how our vote counts so that we can really take part in the politics of our country. Voting is our right, but it is also our duty. If we do not vote, it is like we are disposing of our right and we do not even care about what happens to our country. That is why we have to vote and express our views by voting for the people whom we think are the best in taking care of our country.

There are many kind of election in the United States. As a democracy, everyone from the mayor of our city all the way to the President of our country is elected by the people.

The elections that I will explain in this article are the two most important elections that take place in our country, the elections of the congress (The House of Representatives and the Senate) and the presidential elections. The congress is the legislative branch of the United States (Wikipedia, Congress). It is the most powerful body in the United States (Wikipedia, Congress). It can even overthrow the orders that the President makes.

Before I start explaining the elections of the United States I have to explain the party system and the people who eligible to run for specific offices. America has a multi-party system (Library of Congress, Parties). A political party is a group of people that represent a group of ideas. Each party has a different point of view on how to do things and which things are the most important...