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The only time people in less important states would see a presidential candidate would be if they happened to look up and see their plane flying from New York to California. They can argue that there is no need for the candidates to visit all the states, but it should still have to consider the interests of the small states. Any system not based on 'one man one vote' is not democratic, decent, or fair. By eliminating the power of the Electoral College to and going with the national popular vote to choose a president will also increase the number of voters, which also eliminate the chance of major controversy of who is the fair winner of the presidency and give a clear indication of who is the winner.

If the Electoral College's authority were abolished, it would make it so that no individual states would matter at all.

They would have to campaign everywhere to get the individual's vote. This would be more of a true national election. If the president was elected purely on the popular vote then the race for presidency would be a much more real representation of what the people want. The most popular president would win, the lengthy, costly process of the Electoral College would be abolished, and every individual's vote would be worth so much more. But if there were no electoral votes, they would have to campaign everywhere to get the individual's vote. It is the voter's vote, and not the state's vote. It is summed up perfectly as, one-man, one vote. "If the majority Hu 2 does not rule and every vote is not equal -- those are reasons enough for scrapping the system" (New York Times)

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