The Electoral College

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The Electoral College is a dated system. It was created for a situation that no longer exists. It doesn't represent the people as much as a popular vote would. The Electoral College is inefficient and needs to be replaced by the popular vote.

If the Electoral College is replaced by the popular vote, the government will be better represented by the citizens of America. It is said in the constitution that if the government no longer represents the people, the people have the duty to change it.

An example of this misrepresentation is in the year 2000. It was a tight race between the Republican Candidate, George Bush, and the Democratic Candidate, Al Gore. Al Gore had won the people's vote but had lost to George Bush whom won the election through the Electoral College.

The popular vote is the way to go. It is our duty to adjust and/or change the government to represent each and every one of us.

That is done by eliminating the Electoral College and replacing it with the popular vote.