Electoral Politics

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A) 牋牋牋牋Brief summary of the major content:

牋牋牋牋My book is all about election. To begin with, it talks about election and electoral politics, like choices of human being in elections, basic ideas of human being in general election and the modern style of election activities. Next, it tells us the role of election politics in democratic political area and how one can take part in politics. After that, it gives us in-depth explanation about five things: they are the principles, types, structure, operation and function of electoral politics.

牋牋牋牋In the principle field, it talks about the general principle, fair principle, 'one person, one vote' principle, secret vote principle, free election principle and open election principle. Moreover, it also talks about different types of electoral politics. They are single-member majoritarian, proportional representation and mixed plurality.

牋牋牋牋As for the structure of electoral politics, the basic is constitution and law. The norm is the requirement of the voters.

The major part is the voters and the candidates. The formation of a voting district is another issue while the organization for the election and the process of the election are what the writer presents, too.

牋牋牋牋When it comes to the operation of electoral politics, the book tells us the voters' registration, the formation of the candidates, the votes and counting of votes, the speculation of the election and the lawsuit of the election. Besides, there are several functions of elections: the choice of policies, the legitimacy of power, the stability and education of politics.

牋牋牋牋In short, this book gives us a thorough explanation about election. It talks about every aspect of the electoral system and discuss different areas of it. Therefore, we can know more about election of other countries and can get some view points from the writer about politics.

B) 牋牋牋牋Critical analysis...