The Electoral System in the U.S

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Table of contents

Voters and voting rights

Legal aspects of the voting system -a timeline included

Electoral systems

Elections-an overview of presidential elections in the US


We find ourselves in times of great freedom and most of the time we seem not to appreciate it. Even if at this point of history we benefit from a lot of rights it hasn't always been so. people have fought for this for centuries and this struggle has sometimes been quite difficult. There have been times in history when most people had no influence on the political, economical and social development of their country. Their existence was mostly self-centered as if they didn't even live in a society. At other times only some categories had the right to choose which lead to great injustice and discrimination. It is known that the lack of equality among people is an incentive for social rights.

And this actually happened several times in history.

The idea for this paper came when I realized that the simple, uncomplicated process of voting is far from being just that : a stamp on a paper every 4 or so years. It is actually the basis of democracy. And where do we find democracy at its peak? In the United States! I was going to analyze the history of the American vote in order to see how democracy was born in a country where democracy is a rule of thumb.

The process was not easy as I had no idea where the original aspects were in this research- it seems a very superficial and simplistic approach. Browsing history books, setting timelines, presenting rules and laws. No personal touch there! Once the information gathered my job seemed to finish and the study seemed extremely dull. I then remembered the scandals related...