Electrical Engineering Career Project

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I. Project Goals

ØDecide on engineering field of interest.

ØResearch (online, printed and in-person interview).

ØAnalyze the collected data.

ØDerive my conclusion.

ØDevelop plan of action including the next 4 years list of classes based on my conclusion.

ØIdentify issues and dependencies.

II. Statement of Project Objective and Direction.

I have decided to become an electrical engineer. I really enjoy doing math and science, but I know it takes more than that to become a successful engineer. "Engineering success today requires more than up-to-the-minute technical capability; it requires the ability to communicate, work in teams, think creatively, learn quickly, and value diversity" (George D. Peterson). These are all of the things I want to accomplish in my career. And even though it will take me 4-5 years to get there, I know it is worth my effort.

III. Research (Online, Printed, and In-person Interview).

Engineer is a broad term that applies to people who work in several different fields.

In addition to sharing the job title of engineer, these professionals share a strong math and science background and are relied on for their ability to develop solutions to practical problems. Beyond these common factors, the jobs enineers do vary greatly, depending on their specialty. All engineers are problem solvers and, to some extent, inventors. As a rule, engineers all have at least a four-year degree tht provides them with a clear understanding of how math and science applies to the everyday world.

Electrical engineers apply their knowledge of the sciences to working with equipment that produces and distributes electricity, such as generators, transmission lines, and transformers. They also design, develop, and manufacture electric motors, electrical machinery, and ignition systems for automobiles, aircraft, and other engines. Electronics engineers are more concerned with devices made up of electronic components such as integrated...