Essay by mirtanvir July 2005

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Few people in Bangladesh have not suffered from the electricity crisis existing here. Industries have suffered tremendous losses, people have suffered innumerable inconveniences, and students have been the victims of it in the middle of crucial study periods. Even after a lot of outcry little improvement has been seen. Even today power cuts and load shedding have become a part of the daily life of the people, of the country.

The government has reassured the general public about their efforts to ease the crisis. But that requires large amount of money and time for a total and complete implementation. In the mean time there are a many things that general population themselves can do to ease the electricity load and in the process maybe solve to some extend, the electricity crisis. The first step would be and awareness among people to stop all wastage of electricity. By turning off lights and fans and other electrical appliances when they are not in use it can be surprising how much electricity can be saved.

Secondly, by avoiding the use of large electricity consuming appliances during peak hours can ease, the pressure on the supply of power. Thirdly, banning illumination decoration on buildings of any kind can also cut wastage.

A little bit of awareness and effort that every one of us can do can go a long way in easing the crisis. With the support of the public and the right policies and additional power generation facilities an electricity crisis free Bangladesh hopefully will not be too far away.