Electromagnetism and the Electric Motor

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Final ERT - Electromagnetism

Respond to Statement: Electricity and Magnetism Are Independently Occurring Phenomena

The Independence of Magnetism and Electricity

Magnetism and electricity have been integrated into our daily lives and routines, generally in the form of electromagnetism. Magnetism is the force of attraction or repulsion that acts at a distance. Electricity on the other hand is a physical phenomenon associated with the presence and flow of an electric charge. It was once thought that magnetism and electricity were independent occurring phenomena, which interprets to magnetism and electricity can occur without the other. However, this is blatantly false. There are clear and strong relationships between magnetism and electricity, leading to a new branch of science called electromagnetism. Various scientists, such as Oersted, Ampere and Faraday have discovered and proven these relationships, proving that magnetism and electricity are not independent. Electromagnetism has influenced our modern day lives dramatically, particularly our technology.

The electric motor is a device which powers many modern day appliances with the use of electromagnetism, proving that magnetism and electricity do not occur independently.

Magnetism can be defined as a 'physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge which results in attraction or repulsion between forces', (Oxford Dictionaries, 2013). Magnetism occurs due to the magnetic field, which is influenced by electric currents and magnetic currents. These magnetic fields are produced by moving electrical charges, which proves the clear link between magnetism and electricity. The fundamentals of magnetism depend on an electrical charge, which proves that these two phenomena are not independent.

This relationship between magnetism and electricity was investigated by various scientists. While there were various scientists that studied and researched magnetism and electricity separately, the breakthrough discovery was from Hans Christian Oersted in 1820.

Oersted's first discovery was the relationship between electric currents and magnetic fields,